Glossary: Komayose 駒寄せ

Komayose 駒寄せ
Definition: Horse proof fence.

A low fence of latticework (koushi 格子) construction, used to prevent access to the areas which it enclosed.

Streets of Kyoto

The aim was to prevent horses and dogs from getting close to the building, and to enhance privacy in the vicinity of projecting bays of latticework, degoushi 出格子. The area protected was usually a zone extending about one metre out from the building.

The Komayose seems fenced or fenced as we have in the West and also works as markers of the boundaries between the street and the house, but also served to tie horses and other animals to prevent animals from escaping.

You can visit Amsterdam’s own Komayose up in the NDSM wharf where ship transport containers have been redesigned and reimagined into offices and artist studios.

The text built onto these Dutch komayose is by artist Annaïk-Lou Pitteloud. Read more.

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