The Taxonomy of Windows

To all the window lovers! 📣 I am so, so proud to share my new book: THE TAXONOMY OF WINDOWS. It stars, of course, the windows, and celebrates the many types and varieties that exist from all around the world. I was deliciously surprised when I discovered that while there are taxonomies for almost everything in the world, none existed (yet) for windows. I became determined to make the world’s first and most comprehensive collection, and it is here at last.

How many ways are there to describe a window, and why? From Airplane to Zen, the book collects more than 60 different types, and has over 100 color photographs. It became a project of love and pure obsession, and of so much learning along the way.

I hope that reading it changes the way you look at the world around you. I know it has for me. For those who already bought a copy, thank you! Your support means everything, and allows me to keep working and investing in this project.

The webshop link is here.


The Taxonomy of Windows is not currently sold through the Shopify store. A few copies remain, which can be ordered through contacting directly either by email or Instagram, or by visiting the TU Delft department of Architecture bookstore Waltman’s Bouwshop.

Currently working on Taxonomy 2, with 120 more windows and counting! All the material is made in-house, from researching, gathering, writing, editing, publishing, and packaging, to minizime environmental impact and return all revenue toward growing and continuous learning. If you would like to support, please reach out.

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