A house and a home? Window Stories.

If a house is a physical structure, a home is loaded with emotional meaning. For some of us, home means family, shelter, our desires and aspirations – where we see ourselves within society.

This attachment is universal – no matter how big your ambitions and who you will be in this life, a home satisfies that deep need for individual fulfillment.

Home becomes tangible and idealized. It is also filled with objects that are meant to reinforce the meaning of belonging and of security. It’s one thing to “feel at home”, but how do you make a home?

What rituals, practices and narratives must you indulge to really bring it to life?

Take for instance, migrants who have left their previous homes in the hope of a better life. Those who must at some acknowledge that they will not return ‘home’. For us, homes and houses are charged with conflicting feelings. Which one is home, where does one belong? Which is primary, if one has no desire to return?

How do you make sense of the world when home is an entire country?

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