De Lairesse Pharmacy

When you think of pharmacies, you think of white, sanitized, sterile. De Lairesse Apotheek, in Amsterdam Oud Zuid, took a greener, more conceptual turn. 🌱

By the front door are glass cases with the table of elements by Russian chemist Dmitri Mendeleev, which preceded and guided today’s periodic table of elements. Next to it is an entire wall full of dépliants and flyers for both pharmaceutical products and homeopathic remedies. The philosophy of this pharmacy is rooted in multiple solutions for treating illnesses – natural and homeopathic cures are sold next to big pharma medicines, giving the patient a sense of choice, freedom, as well as the serenity felt from nature.🌳

Inside, this ideology really comes alive – green glowing plexiglass vitrines cover the curving wall, more than 500, and a large tree trunk is placed right in the middle of the room. On the floor is a carpet of ginko leaves. The green aura is calming, and brings you closer to nature and all of its marvelous pure remedies. 🍃

Built in 2004 by Concrete Amsterdam, it is one of the beautiful buildings that make this city so great.


 De Lairessestraat 40

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