Egg and Pickle Sandwich



For one sandwich

1x artisinal bruin brood pistolet

2 large pickle slices or 2 small sliced pickles per sandwich

2 eggs

1 tomato, sliced

1 tablespoon sambal oelek, less depending how spicy you like


1 tablespoon mayonnaise


Heat up two pans, put oil on one. Beat the eggs and add any thickeners you like: parmesan, cheese, milk, herbs, I like smashed feta sometimes. Heat the bread, then cook the eggs into a flat omelette.

Building a sandwich with so few ingredients is complex business. When you stack the layers, think of the way they need to hit the mouth. On the base spread the sambal, that’ll have been mixed with the mayonnaise in advance (or skip the mayo). Add the pickles in a row, then fold in the egg omelet and slide two tomato slices on the top.

Fold shut, cut in half with a good knife to make two halves. Add to it a small cucumber-tomato-olive salad, and a pear.

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