Hans & Grietje

The Hans & Grietje Pannenkoekenhuis is a wonderland restaurant and play area in the middle of nowhere Zeewolde. It takes about 45 minutes to reach, and on the road are some of the best water sceneries in the Netherlands, as well as cool factories of some of the biggest Dutch brands and endless steel windmill farms.

Turn left and park the car, cross the gate and enter a huge estate with six (as far as I could count) different play areas, and a huge indoor dining hall and a large outdoor eating area. The house specialty is pancakes, which are proposed in every which way you can imagine, and other varieties of salads, cakes, and main dishes. The open kitchen is centered in the entrance, and gives a great window into the different movements of kitchen life. The rest of the hall is decorated to every little single corner, and more were created to add extra decorations. Nonsensical and surreal.

The architecture outside blew my mind. The designers and architects clearly KNOW windows, and know just how to use them for maximum effect. In some corners, the windows were left simple cross windows with whimsical yellow frames, because the focus was on the building, crooked, arching, leaning against itself like an accordion.

On another, the homes were stacked on top of each other and windows kept simple and unobtrusive. The yellow makes the entire building pop with joy.

In the witches’ home, I counted 9 different windows. Lancets, cathedral, tunnel, daisy, embrasure, clerestory, a few doors, a picture window, and two dormers. If you see others please let me know. I didn’t get a chance to go inside, but next time I plan to explore because I have a witch’s instinct there are more windows.

Around the property I found an additional eyebrow, skylight, raked, and a gorgeous set of lantern windows.

These were most of corners I could capture, while still participating in my kid’s life, otherwise I would have another twenty I’m sure.

For the next visit, and here is info how to get there and reserve. (A extra few euro gets you a floating, rotating, wobbling table effect, one of the best parts of eating there.)

Hans & Grietje Pannenkoekenhuis
Zeewolde 3898 LJ

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