Sinter Claes

On a small tablet in Dam Square, the legend of Sinterklaas is shown in detail: it begins with three poor children who were robbed and killed by the owner of an inn. They were cut into pieces and kept under salt in a barrel, until seven years later Saint Nicholas came to the inn and was served the children for supper. Using his powers, he brought them back, giving them a new chance at life. He became a patron saint of butchers.

Another story goes that the three young daughters of a poor nobleman had no money for dowries of marriage, and were forced into prostitution. Walking past their windows one night, Nicholas saw one of the sister crying, and gave her a sack of gold coins. He returned the following night to give the same amount to other sisters, freeing them from a red light life and into their marriage of choice. He became the protecting saint of young unmarried women.

Happy Sinterklaas! The day of Saint Nicholas, patron saint of Amsterdam.

Het Dam

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