Street of the Week – Borneosteiger

Entreport-West – Borneosteiger – Cruquiuslaan – a building of many names cuts across the Eastern Docklands of Amsterdam. It is the length of an intercity train and the height of an ocean liner.

It is the standout element among the Borneosteiger complex which was built in 1993 by Atelier PRO. The entire compound is inspired to be a literal bridge between the city’s rich harbor and railway history and present. The Entrepot-West acts as the dividing line between land and water. 

Along and above are 540 different homes, six stories, playgrounds, a straatbieb, one excellent Syrian restaurant, a couple of crossing winding bridges, and a large canal below. Boats and bicycles park beneath. 

But of course, for me, the windows are everything. Round like portholes, spiraling glass staircases, pivot windows allowing in sun and air based on the wind. So many lives being lived behind each one.

Next to it is the Water Toren residential buildings which I particularly love as a piece of architectural art, especially for the glass block wall in its shared area. 


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