Textured Windows

I’ve developed a low-key obsession for textured glass windows. The most common are found on the little squares of front doors, with hundred varieties of patterns.

If you were to categorize windows, one of the ways would be by glass type: there’s the common smooth flat glass, and there is textured glass. Based on how the forms are made, it is named Textured Patterned glass, Rolled Plate glass, Cathedral glass, Ribbed glass, etc.

Within the patterns, a whole new world. Hundreds of styles, modern, antique, Romantic, dynamic, pop, dots, stripes, shades, leaves, ridges, fans, waves, and whatever else you want.

The patterns are set when the glass is still hot: roller imprinting, embossing, sandblasting, etching (sometimes by hand!), or by casting molds.

The result is glass that is beautiful to look at, and protects the inside views. A perfect dynamic of light, discretion, and beauty. There is no real reason for the patterns to be there, other than to be enjoyed by us passing by. Make sure you say hello when you see one along your way.

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