The Last Supper

Happy birthday Leonardo da Vinci, who drew the immortal Last Supper, depicting the moment after Jesus told his disciples that one of them was going to betray him. It is a masterpiece of harmony and style, creating a new form of art that was influenced by geometry and numerical perspective. There are radical elements of Greek philosophy, the Fibonacci series, Platonic proportions, colorism, religious symbolism, among others.

There is also the repetition of threes, and the Holy Trinity is everywhere: the image is divided into threes, ceiling – table – floor. The twelve apostles are grouped in threes, as are the walls, the table legs, and, of course, the three windows. Jesus is between the largest center window, which represents heaven, into which we cannot enter without passing through Christ. The glowing arch above the window is the halo between heaven and Jesus himself, who is also shaped like a triangle. The view outside the window gives the image greater depth, a mastery of perspective.


“Perspective is nothing else than seeing a place or objects behind a plate of glass, quite transparent, on the surface of which the objects behind the glass are to be drawn” – Leonardo da Vinci

Beyond, inspired replicas.

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